Urgent Courier & Special Services

Urgent Courier

Whether you have a shipment at the very last minute, Mainfreight Urgent Courier & Special Services is always there for you. For something as small as an envelope, or even a full truck load, there is nothing this courier can't handle.

Pick-ups within Europe

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Mainfreight Urgent Courier & Special Services
Industriestraat 10
7041 GD 's-Heerenberg

During business hours (8.00 - 18.00):
T: +31 (0)314 678 237
T: +31 (0)314 678 238
E: urgent@nl.mainfreight.com

Outside business hours for urgent Courier shipments please call:
M: +31 6 1074 8007
M: +31 6 2906 3259

Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
Please contact us for more information or ask for a quote.