ADR transport

ADR transport of dangerous goods

Mainfreight is experienced in handling your environmentally dangerous goods, also known as ADR. We are certified and trained to handle most types of ADR.

At Mainfreight, we have several experts ready to advise you on ADR goods.

Our drivers are well trained and - of course - certified to handle dangerous goods.


Well equipped transport fleet

Besides our well trained drivers and safety advisors, Mainfreight has its own transport fleet which is equipped to handle your ADR goods perfectly.

Also, we own all the other materials we need to handle your ADR consignments.

ADR classes 1, 5.2, 6.2 and 7

Mainfreight handles most types of ADR, except for four classes. ADR class 1 (Explosive),  ADR class 5.2 (organic peroxides) class 6.2 (Biohazardous) and  class 7 (Radioactive) will not be handled by Mainfreight.

Warehousing dangerous goods

Mainfreight also offers warehousing of dangerous goods.

In 's-Heerenberg, we have a state of the art warehouse. By using separate compartments it is possible to store dangerous goods from several ADR classes. 

The Chemelot site in Geleen offers over 20.000 square metres of warehousing capacity. We also offer various services regarding the handling and storage of environmentally dangerous goods. 

Click here for more information regarding the storage of dangerous goods.


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