Night distribution
Domestic distribution

Distribution at night

With this kind of distribution, delivery takes place outside regular opening hours.The deliveries are carried out by drivers who have keys and safety codes of the premises, so that it is no longer necessary that staff of our customers is present. 

You can start working immediately with the delivered goods on the following day. Mainfreight driver works entirely independent; he unloads the goods at the right place and loads the return shipments, if there are any.
At this moment we service 38 different locations on 4 routes. As we have 100 trucks available for domestic distribution Mainfreight Forwarding would like to offer this service to more customers.

More information on night-time distribution?

For more information on our night-time distribution services, please contact:

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T: +31 (0)314 678 430

Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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