TLN business award 2012
TLN business award 2012

Wim Bosman winner of the Dutch TLN Business award Transport and Logistics!

TLN is awarding the Entrepreneur’s Prize for Transport and Logistics for the seventh time in succession. This year, the theme was CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and Wim Bosman is the winner in the category of large companies.

Through an extensive pre-selection, consisting of an interview and a detailed questionnaire, the participating companies are judged on the aspects of Environment, Safety and Entrepreneurship. In September the three finalists were announced: Dachser Netherlands, Post Kogeko and the Wim Bosman Group. The finalists were then subjected to an audit by the independent organization ViaNorm.

On Saturday, November 26th, during the annual conference of TLN, the winner was announced. “Due to the strong efforts in CSR and actually apply, the jury decided Wim Bosman as the winner of the Entrepreneur Award Transport and Logistics 2012”, said Karel Noordz─│ (chairman of the jury). Mario Schoofs received the prize from the Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Ms. Melanie Schultz van Haegen.

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