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Wim Bosman utilizes twenty brand new electric fork-lift trucks

Wim Bosman has replaced twenty fork-lift trucks by new electric trucks. After a thorough trial period of one year, testing several brands and types of fork-lift trucks, Wim Bosman has selected the Linde E16PH.

This so-called "E-truck" has a maximum lift capacity of 1,600 kg, an integrated side shifter, a battery door to support swapping batteries sideways and a triplex mast with sufficient space to drive in and out of trailers.

The E-truck is more quiet and furthermore reduces CO2 emission. As a leader in sustainable logistics, this supports the objective of the Wim Bosman Group to reduce CO2 emission by 30% in 2012.

The Wim Bosman Group strives for sustainable supply chains of its customers.

By using white, non-marking tyres, dust and filth is reduced on the workplace. Also, the fork-lift trucks are equipped with ergonomically shaped Super-comfort seats with air suspension, heater and backrest extension. Because the fork-lift trucks are used 24 hours per day, the driver will be able to replace the batteries without any help, thanks to an advanced system. 

The E-trucks will be used in the central cross dock in 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands. This cross dock daily processes over 4000 pallets and loads and unloads approximately 450 trucks per day. Every driver is trained to operate the E-trucks.

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