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New LNG trucks for Wim Bosman

From today, Wim Bosman Transport B.V. has the first LNG truck in use. Wim Bosman is continuously searching for improvements and opportunities to make business operations more sustainable. To this end, a total of five Mercedes-Benz Econic LNG trucks have been ordered, which will be delivered this year.

Wim Bosman LNG truck 2012
Wim Bosman LNG truck 2012

Clean and efficient

The trucks drive completely on LNG (liquefied natural gas). Liquefied gas has less volume. Because of this, more gas fits in a tank which results in an extended range. A LNG truck can drive up to 700 km without refueling. The trucks are equipped with a lean burn natural gas engine, which can achieve a co₂-reduction up to 50%. The advantage is that the combustion is almost entirely soot and dust particulate free. In time we will strive to use LBG (liquefied bio gas), which means that the LNG trucks will be driving completely co₂-neutral.

PIEK standard

Not only are the LNG trucks more environmentally friendly, but they are also more quiet than other trucks and they meet the “PIEK standards” (standards for noise emission during loading and unloading in retail trade and craft businesses). This results in a substantial contribution to the reduction of noise, in case of, for example, city distribution.

Road Safety

Wim Bosman selected the Mercedes-Benz Econic because of the cabin with low entry and large windows. In addition to the user-friendliness for the driver is the Econic safer in traffic. “The driver has a better overview and can see eye to eye with cyclists and pedestrians," says Bertil ter Maat, Managing Director Wim Bosman Transport B.V..

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