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Wim Bosman C.E.E. B.V. starts high security service

Wim Bosman C.E.E. B.V. starts high security service

Wim Bosman C.E.E. has started a high security service to the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.).

Safety is crucial for all goods that you distribute all over the world, not only to protect yourself but also your customers. To remain stable in the current economy Wim Bosman wants to do more for its customers than requested. For this reason, Wim Bosman started a high security service with which we own a high focus on security within the supply chain of goods with high value.

Road transport safety requirements

There are various rules on the safety of storage of goods with a higher than average risk profile. To also create safe transport Wim Bosman has now started an own high security service. To guarantee this high security level we have installed the following in three of our vehicles:

  • Auditory alarm if unauthorised entry to the tractor cab occurs 
  • Only hard sided trailers
  • Two way communication system present during entire journey 
  • A tracking device in a covert location in the vehicle and, where available, must be capable of utilizing at least two methods of signalling such as 3G, or SMS/GPRS using GSM or CDMA and should be equipped with at least one covert antenna.
  • Satellite navigation system installed (route planner) recognizing detours and traffic jams to avoid unnecessary stops or delays. Carrier's dispatch must confirm all route changes.
  • Manually activated silent alarm (panic button) present in reach of driver and able to send signal to Supplier's home base or third party monitoring centre
  • Unauthorized opening of vehicle doors sends signal to monitoring centre


For the incident management centre Wim Bosman C.E.E. B.V. selected Eurowatch as her partner. Eurowatch it is the largest provider within Europe of independent monitoring services to the telematics industry, a 24/7 services that deals direct with the police in each country and can quickly respond to crimes and emergencies even where a vehicle has crossed an international border.

Most secure form of transport

“With our own high security service we offer a service which is comparable with air freight security transport. Road transport is not only less expensive but also faster than airfreight to a lot of destinations,” explains Randy Bruns, Manager Area East Wim Bosman C.E.E. B.V..

With the new service Wim Bosman C.E.E. B.V. is confident to respond to the needs of customers which want to reach the highest possible security during transport and on the same time, to give the option to reduce their supply chain costs by replacing air freight with express trucking services.

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