Wim Bosman CEE B.V. opens new branch

Today Wim Bosman Central Eastern Europe officially launches operations in the port of Hamina in Finland.

Strategical choice

"The new branch opening was part of our strategy. The branch in Hamina is responsible for the closing of electronic declaration NCTS (transit) EX-A, T-1/T-2* and fills in and takes care of (electronic) TIR Carnet** for the containers to Russia. The Wim Bosman Group transports and coordinates monthly around 600 containers from Europe, USA and Far East to Russia. Most of the containers arrive in Finland and from there they are transported to Russia. These are mainly high value and/or perishable goods”, says Guus van der Stelt, Managing Director Wim Bosman CEE.

Transport via Finland to Russia

“In the past we used (neutral) customs agents in cooperation with the local carriers for the transport via Finland to Russia. By taking it in our own hands we can after loading of the containers immediately start preparing the documents. This saves time and we can respond faster to deviations in the documents and regulations. This allows us to inform our customers earlier and personally about the services we offer," explains Guus van der Stelt. "We believe that the continuous development of our branch network will be acknowledged mainly by our customers. This step also brings us closer to the fulfillment of our mission, namely to be recognized as the primary logistics provider for our customers, whereby we offer tailor-made and sustainable logistics solutions", according to Guus van der Stelt.

In addition to the closing of electronic declaration NCTS (transit) EX-A, T-1/T-2 and fill in and take care of (electronic) TIR Carnet, Wim Bosman CEE also transport from and to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.

*List of abbreviations:

*NCTS (transit) EX-A, T-1/T-2

This document indicates that communal (final) goods will be leaving the EU territory.

With this document, non-communal goods are transported through the territory of the EU and connected countries. If customs supervision is required for the transport of goods where financial interest is involved (for example agricultural refunds) T1 NCTS is also mandatory.

If communal goods are transported through the territory of an Economic Free Trade Association country (EFTA country) a NCTS T2 can be used.

** TIR Carnet (Transports Internationaux Routiers)  
With the TIR Carnet it is possible to transport goods across the borders of the TIR convention countries. Customs does have the authority to examine the goods. The goods are not subjected to the payment of taxes at border crossings in the transit countries.

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