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Wim Bosman CEE B.V. certified for HACCP temperature-controlled transport

Wim Bosman CEE B.V. is now certified for HACCP temperature-controlled transport.  This certificate has been obtained based on an existing business case with the world largest food company for whom Wim Bosman CEE B.V. is handling  transport to Russia.

A representative case with more than enough reference points justifies the adjudication of the certification for HACCP temperature-controlled transport.

HACCP means 'Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points" and is a quality mark for companies involved with the preparation, treatment, packaging, forwarding and distribution of food products. They must identify all aspects of the production process and analyze possible danger, in order to reduce the risk of contamination for all food products.

For temperature-controlled transport to Russia, Wim Bosman CEE B.V. uses its own 45ft reefer containers each with a loading capacity of 33 euro pallets. A space saving cooling system inside the container offers temperature control set-up from +25° tot -25° degrees Celsius. This cooling can be monitored and adjusted from a distance and even offers tracking & tracing possibilities.

With temperature-controlled transport, Wim Bosman CEE B.V. expands its CON-trailer concept. CON-trailer is an intermodal transport solution from Europe to Russia. In Europe, containers are loaded "just in time" and delivered by truck in the harbor where they will be transferred on a ferry to Finland. Once the container is in Finland, the remaining journey into Russia is again done by truck.

To guarantee the right temperature during the overland journey from Finland into Russia, Wim Bosman CEE B.V. also uses its own special aluminum container chassis with gensets which is unique on this particular route. The advantage of an aluminum chassis is that it increases the maximum possible load of a container.

Although the business case for receiving the HACCP certification is based on Russia, Wim Bosman CEE B.V. also offers temperature-controlled transport to Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Serbia en Slovenia.

Wim Bosman Logistic Services B.V., Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V, Wim Bosman Transport B.V. and Wim Bosman Genk (BE) are already HACCP certified for regular transport and warehousing.

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