Wim Bosman Belgium goes multimodal

Wim Bosman Belgium goes multimodal

Wim Bosman Belgium and its Italian partner Sittam have started with multimodal transport between Belgium and Italy. This concerns a combination of transport by road and rail.

A sustainable and economical alternative

Between Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Novara (Italy), shipments will be transported by rail. From there the goods are further distributed to their final destination by road. This provides a sustainable and economically beneficial alternative to solely road transport. Due to the use of multimodality, less CO2 is emitted and the high fuel prices are partly avoided. "Furthermore, the service level remains the same, goods arrive at their final destination within the same transit time," says Rudi Debras (managing director Wim Bosman Belgium).

Daily test runs

45ft container is being transported by rail

Currently, test runs are taking place on a daily basis whereby a 45ft container is being transported by rail from Zeebrugge (Belgium) to Novara (Italy). Once the test phase is completed, the frequency will gradually be increased and 10 containers will be transported on a daily basis from Zeebrugge to Novara and vice versa.

More information about this new service

If you want more information about this new service, please contact Kevin De Preter, via email kevin.de.preter@wimbosman.nl or call +32 (0)59 400 400

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