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Turkish delegation visited Wim Bosman in 's-Heerenberg

Turkish delegation visited Wim Bosman in 's-Heerenberg

On Thursday, June 13, representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affaires & Communications and delegates from various Turkish ports, including Izmir and Istanbul, visited Wim Bosman in 's-Heerenberg.

Development in Turkey

Turkey is a country which is developing rapidly and has the ambition to further develop the Turkish seaports. Part of this goal is the implementation of EU directives concerning the handling, storage and transport of dangerous substances both by road, rail and water. For this purpose a visit to Wim Bosman was planned to gain practical experience and to collect information that can be used when making new regulations in Turkey for the packaging, handling and transport of IMDG/ADR goods.

Guided tour
Several security officials and specialists in the field of dangerous substances of Wim Bosman have toured the delegation through the cross-dock and the warehouse for the storage of dangerous substances in 's-Heerenberg. The international cross-dock in 's-Heerenberg processes at peak times around 3,000 shipments, some contain ADR. Throughout the cross-dock special modifications have been made for the safe handling of ADR goods. All measures have been thoroughly examined and the delegation had the opportunity to ask questions about the regulation and monitoring by the various agencies.

Warehouse for environmentally dangerous substances
In our warehouse for dangerous substances the PGS-15 guidelines, the compartmentalisation, the "in rack" sprinkler and the Hi-Ex foam extinguishing system have been viewed and explained.

New insights
The visit to Wim Bosman in ‘s-Heerenberg ended with a tour of the tri-modal container port in Emmerich (Germany), where also containers with ADR goods are handled. The Turkish delegation is very pleased with the visit and indicates that they have received valuable information which  they are planning to apply to the ADR regulations in Turkey.

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