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System Alliance Europe

As of now, System Alliance Europe calculates the carbon dioxide emissions of all shipments within the network. The daily updated values can be checked in CargoTrack, the tracking and tracing system of System Alliance Europe. In the near future, the partner branches will also have the possibility to receive the emissions of their shipments via status.

EcoTransIT software

The method for the emission calculation is based on the draft of the European Standard DIN.EN 16258:2011. The carbon dioxide values are calculated with the help of the EcoTransIT software from IVE mbH. Calculation basis is the actual shipping weight, corresponding to the specifications from the cargo manifest. Furthermore, the exact shipping distance is included in the calculation, which results from the addresses of the sender and receiver plus the points of change.

“A breakdown of the route of transport into pick up, main haul and delivery shall insure that the data can be calculated precisely. The transport via gateways is also considered in the calculations”, says Uwe Meyer, Managing Director of System Alliance Europe.

System Alliance Europe
System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe combines the competencies of leading medium-sized logistic service providers. We offer customers a European platform for groupage transport through their own regional partner. Organizational and IT guidelines guarantee high quality standards, transparent processes and reliable handling of shipments.

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