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System Alliance Europe

Currently, 53 partners from 27 countries are actively participating in the European groupage forwarding network of System Alliance Europe. In the first quarter of 2013 a total of 187 branches processed 866,322 shipments with a weight of 413,267 tons. This means an increase of 1.6 percent shipments compared to last year.

Currently, the 1,723 active traffic lines will be driven several times per week to several times per day. The customer will find a constantly increasing network regarding consolidation and departure frequency.

In 2012, the total number of shipments within the network amounted 3.35 million. Compared to the previous year this has decreased with 0.3 percent. This is a satisfactory result considering the difficult economic climate in parts of Europe and due to partner changes.

Development in central services

The focus in 2012 was on procurement and distribution logistics. We developed customer oriented, individually tailored logistics models.

Uwe Meyer, managing director of System Alliance Europe: “We excellently managed to link the standardized production platforms to the wishes of the customers. This can definitely be compared to the procedure of the automobile industry”.

For these logistic models the network partners have to follow certain specifications to guarantee the high quality standards.

System Alliance Europe
System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe combines the competencies of leading medium-sized logistic service providers. We offer customers a European platform for groupage transport through their own regional partner. Organizational and IT guidelines guarantee high quality standards, transparent processes and reliable handling of shipments.

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