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Successful audition weeks for the Wim Bosman Group

Recently two intensive weeks of auditions were concluded with a more than satisfactory final conclusion. The lead auditor SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance), Mr Brands, made this announcement to our CFO Mr Messink, in anticipation of the report.

Care systems for quality, the environment and food safety

Five different auditors of SGS have executed various audits at the various Wim Bosman sites in Europe. These audits relate to the care systems for quality, the environment and food safety. The national support team in ’s-Heerenberg and the Belgian office in Ostend were visited as standard, in view of their size, on the basis of the multi-site construction. The Belgian site in Genk, the Dutch site in Geleen, the French site in Paris and our Polish site in Pruszków were also audited.


The result of the audits give a good impression of the development and improvements that are constantly being achieved for the abovementioned management systems in the various companies of the Wim Bosman Group.

Note from the editors: A multi-site construction entails that the national support team is responsible for the documentation and related issues that apply to the company. The sites, which are part of the multi-site construction, must perform the same work. This then allows a universal and integrated audit approach to take place. Collective management is compulsory, and this must have a legal basis.

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