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Problems with intermodal transport from and to Italy

As you may have heard through various channels, the crucial railway corridor between Rotterdam and the Northern region of Italy has been closed since Saturday the 12th of August. Due to a land subsidence near the German city of Rastatt, on the railway section between Karlsruhe and the Swiss city of Basel, the intermodal transportation has been affected and is currently closed to and from Italy.  The initial outlook suggested that the situation would have been resolved by the end of August, however expectations are now likely for the closure to remain until the end of October.


Transportaion via road to Italy

We as Mainfreight heavily rely on this railway connection for our LTL and FTL shipments to Italy and due to this situation we are forced to solely make use of transportation via road. For a number of reasons, transportation via road to Italy has a higher cost than utilizing intermodal transport via rail. In addition, the Swiss and German MAUT surcharges, longer lead times via truck and the vast capacity constraints on the transport market currently also bring a higher cost to serve this lane via Road.

Under these circumstances we are forced to temporarily increase our rates  for import and export shipments from 2 loading meters and above. Because of the capacity problems it is only possible to load in cooperation with our planners.

We will continue to monitor this situation daily and will reverse this increase immediately when we are able to utilize the railway corridor.   


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