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Service Announcement | Port Congestion in Shanghai

Pressure on the Asia to Europe trade remains a fact for importers in Europe. Adjusted sailing schedules driven by the formation of new alliances on 1st April, from major Shipping Lines as well as consistent volumes moving on the trade has driven congestion at one of the worlds largest hubs, Shanghai.

Although foggy weather has played some role with the issues seen in Shanghai, many carriers are finding it difficult to serve the volume in front of them, leaving quaysides overcrowded and congested. As a result of the congestion, Carriers have found their vessels anchored at sea, making it difficult for them to maintain their schedules.

Mainfreight Shanghai have seen some effect when making deliveries to port for our customers, however at this stage it hasn’t hindered operations too much, with some small delays being managed case by case. In addition, due to the consistent volumes and high demand on the trade we have seen some carriers insisting on rate increases as they try to manage the situation. We will continue to work with the Shipping Lines and Ports to minimize the impact of delays to our customers, as well as mitigate rate increases where possible.

We will continue to update you on the status of these delays that we are seeing as a result of poor weather, high demand and port congestion. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Mainfreight office for more information.

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