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Wim Bosman starts Wim Bosman Co-Packing

3PL+ logistic service provider Wim Bosman introduces Wim Bosman Co-Packing. Under this name co-packing activities will be offered as they were formerly carried out by Monday Productions in 's-Heerenberg (NL).

With Wim Bosman Co-Packing the logistic services of Wim Bosman will be combined with the packing machines and the know-how of Monday Productions. This expansion of activities will be complementary to the existing activities of Wim Bosman. In this way an integrated package of logistic services can be offered.

The co-packing activities which will be offered include amongst others:

  • (re) packaging of products (food and non-food);
  • shrink foil packaging;
  • blister packaging;
  • construction of displays;
  • composing gift packs;
  • packaging engineering.

The activities are already operational at one of the premises of Wim Bosman in 's-Heerenberg.

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