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Wim Bosman obtains AEO certification in France

3PL+ logistic provider Wim Bosman France has obtained the AEO-certification (Authorized Economic Operator) in France.

On July 21st 2010 Wim Bosman France was certified by the Customs Authority as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO). Wim Bosman France has been accredited by the Customs especially thanks to the quality and reliability of the internal processes.

Wim Bosman France's AEO status proves not only to both customers and suppliers that Wim Bosman controls its internal processes, but also that it is a financially healthy and safe organization; no fraud takes place and its administration is transparent. This all proves Wim Bosman France to be a reliable business partner. The AEO-certification entitles Wim Bosman to simplified customs procedures.

Wim Bosman France now belongs to the few international companies to be certified in France. Indeed out of 200.000 companies involved in international trade only 100 are certified.

With its AEO status, Wim Bosman can be considered throughout the European Union and beyond as a reliable partner with regard to customs transactions. It also offers all kinds of benefits in international trading, such as a more flexible logistic processes and no additional delays resulting from customs controls.

The Customs offers holders of an AEO certificate the following benefits:

  1. fewer physical and documentary customs checks;
  2. priority handling in selection for a check;
  3. the right to apply to have any checks performed at a preferred location;
  4. in the event of a later permit application, previously checked criteria are not checked again;
  5. intensified security process/policy on goods flows and personnel.

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