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Wim Bosman obtains AEO-certification in Romania

3PL+ logistic service provider Wim Bosman S.R.L. has obtained the AEO-certification in Romania.

On Wednesday June 23rd, the Romanian customs authorities presented Wim Bosman with the official AEO/F certificate. Managing Director Emil Ion received the certificate in Bucharest. Wim Bosman is only the 17th company in Romania to obtain the certification; it not only entitles them to simplified customs procedures but also to benefits with respect to safety controls.

With its AEO status, Wim Bosman can be considered throughout the European Union and beyond as a reliable partner with regard to customs transactions. It also offers all kinds of benefits in international trading, such as more flexible logistic processes and no additional delays resulting from customs controls.

According to Mr. Emil Ion, chairman of the AEO project group at Wim Bosman, the team spent over eight months steering this project towards achieving AEO certification.

Although there are still differences between Romanian customs authorities and the Western European standards, the authorities are making substantial progress to professionalize procedures and IT capabilities. Wim Bosman expects significant improvements in conduct, quality and lead times to occur over the coming year and already leads the field by obtaining the AEO-certification.

Since 2005, Wim Bosman has its own customs office and hosts the customs head office of the Prahova region in Romania at its premises in Ploiesti. Customs services are performed for various customers from many different business sectors. Wim Bosman manages the transport and customs clearance of 800 to 1000 containers annually from the port of Constanta to its premises in Ploiesti.

The Customs offers holders of an AEO certificate the following benefits:

  • fewer physical and documentary customs checks;
  • priority handling in selection for a check;
  • the right to apply to have any checks performed at a preferred location;
  • in the event of a later permit application, previously checked criteria are not
    checked again;
  • intensified security process/policy on goods flows and personnel.

Opportunities for Wim Bosman related to the AEO Certificate:

  • distinguishing capacity compared to the competitor;
  • ability to respond fast to changing legislation;
  • fulfillment of basic customs requirements (proven record);
  • commercial spin-off towards market and customers.

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