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Wim Bosman Netherlands awarded with lean and green award

Logistic service provider Wim Bosman in the Netherlands is one of leading companies which have been awarded with the lean and green award. The award is handed over to companies which are leading in the field of sustainable logistics and are committed to achieve a co2 reduction of 20% till the year 2012.

Eric Janse de Jonge, senator and member of the board of Connekt, has handed the award to Wim Bosman. Connekt is an independent cooperation between companies and local governments to improve sustainable mobility within the Netherlands.

"Within Wim Bosman sustainable logistics has been a focus for many years. A clean truck fleet, reducing empty kilometres and the use of Ecocombi's (25 meter long truck trailer combinations) are just some of the measures which we have incorporated into our company. Sustainable logistics moves beyond our company. Especially within the whole supply chain big improvements can be made. That is the challenge we face at this moment", according to CEO Wim Bosman.

Besides Wim Bosman a number of leading companies have been awarded with the lean & green award like: Coca-Cola Enterprises Nederland B.V. and H.J. Heinz Benelux.

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