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Wim Bosman ECO-service

Sustainability and competitive pricing go hand in hand

In the context of sustainable logistics, Wim Bosman aims to support customers in achieving their sustainability goals. This entails that we constantly work on the development of sustainable solutions. A new solution is the ECO-service for international groupage shipments.

The ECO-service distinguishes itself from regular solutions by the lower costs and the flexible transit time. In practice, this means a maximum of two days extra transit time at lower costs.

“The point is that the customer is able to choose”, according to Paul Looman, Managing Director Wim Bosman Expeditie B.V. “The customer chooses a standard transit time at a standard rate or ECO-service with its accompanying advantages – optimum loading benefits the environment and the budget.” Sustainability and competitive pricing go hand in hand.

Sustainable mindset

“The realisation that the customer has a choice, is an innovation in relation to current thinking”, explains Looman. “Currently, everything is about speed, but is this always necessary? Naturally, we always fulfil the customer’s wishes, but the focus on speed sometimes means that the trucks can not always be optimally loaded. Not every shipment is ‘urgent’, and we want to draw particular attention to this with the ECOservice.

The flexible transit time offers the possibility to further optimise the load factor of trucks. Moreover, this gives us the opportunity to select the most suitable modality from rail, road, water or a combination of these modalities.”

Choosing the ECO-service

By choosing the ECO-service, a conscious choice is made for a sustainable solution, whereby the savings can soon amount to 10% in relation to a shipment with a standard transit time.

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