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System Alliance Europe expands and increases its performance

System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe, the leading European cargo network, expands to three additional European countries while offering the customers more functionality with an intensive quality campaign. The performance index continues to rise.

Omega Transport International S.A., with locations in Athens and Thessaloniki, is a partner of System Alliance Europe in Greece since May 2011. Omega already has more than a dozen partnerships with other network partners. The countries of Denmark and Norway will follow as additional locations, as pre-contracts have already been signed with leading, mid-sized forwarders. Coverage will be systematically expanded in the coming years to countries in Eastern Europe. The goal is complete geographical coverage of Europe.  

Network figures

Currently, 50 partners are active in 24 countries. A total of 171 branches processed 17.8% more consignments and 18.7% more tonnage in the first quarter of 2011 when compared with the same quarter last year. More than 3.1 million consignments were processed in the cooperation network in 2010, corresponding to a total weight of almost 1.6 million tons. More than 1,600 routes are currently active, all of which are driven several times a week, with most driven daily. Customers are offered a network constantly increasing in both consolidation and frequency.

Quality development

A defining characteristic of System Alliance Europe is the development of its degree of performance. Important quality criteria such as delivery, loading or status quality denote the Degree of Performance Index. Since the operational start of the cooperation, this index was raised 30 points, whereas the number of quality criteria increased fourfold.

The modules for pick-up orders and logistics models have been extensively expanded: proactive messages to all participating partners can be sent not only at the consignor level, but also at the ordering party level, and this already at the time of the pick-up. The possibility of central accounting completes the logistics model, which can be customised to the client.

About System Alliance Europe

System Alliance Europe is a cargo network combining the competencies of leading medium-sized logistic service providers. We offer customers a European platform for groupage transport through their own regional partner. Organizational and IT guidelines guarantee high quality standards, transparent processes and reliable handling of shipments.

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