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Natural gas distribution truck

Wim Bosman Transport B.V. takes Econic NGT distribution truck with natural gas engine from Mercedes-Benz in use.

The purpose is to reduce fuel consumption and reducing noise. The advantage is that the combustion of natural gas is virtually soot and fine dust free. Fuel consumption is also greatly reduced.

Wim Bosman examines whether the concept is feasible and whether the fleet can be adapted to natural gas trucks. This project is part of sustainable logistics: Lean & green '. Wim Bosman wants to think along in durable solutions for the future.

Wim Bosman unique feature is that the gas truck is combined with a drawbar trailer. The truck is used for domestic distribution.

The Econic has a loading depth of 7.5 meters and has a radius of about 700 km. The truck is thus particularly suited for distribution. The gas truck is powered by a lean burn engine, a combustion technique below the most stringent emission Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle.

Low noise
The Econic is besides environmentally friendly also more quiet than other vehicles. The noise emissions are up to fifty percent below that of a insulated diesel engine. This makes a substantial contribution to reducing noise, for example urban distribution.

The Mercedes-Benz gas truck is easy to use and safe for the driver through low cab entry, spacious headroom, large windows and pneumatic glass folding doors.

Lean and Green - Sustainable Logistics
On 20 May 2010, the Wim Bosman Group is officially certified Lean & Green by the program 'Sustainable Logistics' of Connekt. This program supports 250 leading companies in the field of durable logistics. Using the 'Lean and Green Award' logistics companies show that they actively work to get their logistics processes more sustainable. It encourages businesses to grow at a higher level of sustainability, by taking measures that are not only cost savings, while simultaneously reducing environmental impact.

The granting of the Lean & Green Award is based on a written plan containing concrete CO2 objectives for 2012 - 2015 and Critical Performance Indicators.

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