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New Public tracker

After an intensive period of development and testing the new Mainfreight Public Tracker is finished and went live Wednesday September third. As you know we have a number of customers that reach our site on a daily basis and track their goods that are going through our network. Our new Public Tracker looks better, works easier and has more options for us and them to track their goods.

How does the new Public Tracker works?

If you want to see how this works click here and try tracking one of the following types of movements:

  • Trex 1012014000333012
  • Navision 5167831

The advantages?

• The system now has the smarts to save your last five references you’ve tracked on the site.
• If you want to follow a certain shipment, then you can add this specific shipment to a Watchlist by clicking the star. Along with this you can give it a personalised name and you will see it listed down the left hand side of the screen.
• The system has a refreshing layout en and is more userfriendly.

For questions please contact Bas Romein.

Afbeelding: Watchlist
Personalise your 'Watchlist'.

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