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Delays due to multiday closure A12/A50 motorway

We would like to inform you that Mainfreight Forwarding, due to major maintenance of the A12/A50, expects a lot of delays in week 31 regarding our Domestic pick-ups and deliveries (also the pick-ups and deliveries from export and import shipments in NL). 

During the summer of 2018, Rijkswaterstaat has planned large-scale maintenance on the westbound lanes towards Utrecht of the A12/A50 motorway. Between Friday evening 27 July and Monday 6 August, the westbound lanes of the A12/A50 motorway between the Waterberg and Grijsoord intersections will be fully closed for repair works. Traffic must expect serious delays and additional journey time because of the longer (alternative) route and the risk of congestion.

Due to the location of Mainfreight Forwarding, more than 80% of our fleet has to be on the A12 twice a day. We take as many measures as possible to prevent major problems. For example, our drivers will start their route earlier and we actively inform them via on-board computers about alternative routes.

Mainfreight Forwarding can load and unload your shipments in the Netherlands, but the shipments will possibly be delivered with delay on our regular terms. We do our utmost to deliver your shipments as quickly as possible during this period. In consultation with our Customer Service or Urgent Special Services a lot is possible, we would like to discuss this with you.

Afbeelding: A12 en A50 verkeershinder

In this holiday period, please also take extra account when registering shipments that the unloading and / or loading address may be closed or may have adapted opening hours. Mention this when booking your shipment so that we can take this into account in our planning.

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager or our Customer Service via of 0314-671 111.

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