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MAN DualFuel truck for fine-meshed distribution

Wim Bosman Transport B.V. is now using the MAN TGL DualFuel truck. The TGL DualFuel truck is driving on natural gas combined with diesel.

Natural gas (CNG, Compressed Natural Gas) has the advantage of less CO2 emission and air pollution.

The DualFuel truck saves 9,000 kg CO2 based on 50,000 km per year.

The DualFuel truck will be used by SystemPlus for domestic distribution, the exclusive European System Distribution for express package and pallet shipments. The truck has a
loading capacity of 35 m3 and 6,500 kg. The DualFuel truck has no limitations compared to other standard trucks. Unique is the combination of natural gas and diesel.

One of the most important advantages is the clean way of transporting goods. The DualFuel truck consumes 40% less diesel. In combination with natural gas, this leads to
sustainable transport. With this new diesel-natural gas mix technology, 40% of the diesel injection will be replaced by natural gas. The DualFuel truck saves 9,000 kg CO2 based on
50,000 km per year.

Leader in sustainability
Besides the DualFuel truck, the use of hybrid technology and the use of entirely electric vehicles have a top priority at the Wim Bosman Group. By offering sustainable alternatives
the company wants to provide a contribution to the sustainability of the supply chain of the customer.

The Wim Bosman Group provides integrated supply chain solutions which add value to the entire supply chain. These solutions contain concepts such as cooperation, continuous
improvement and sustainability.

The DualFuel truck saves 9,000 kg CO2 based on 50,000 km per year.

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