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Exceptional transport from Romania to Germany

Last week, Wim Bosman CEE successfully delivered an exhaust silencer from Romania to Germany.  Because of the exceptional dimensions of the exhaust silencer, it was loaded on a low loader.

This transport is what we call an exceptional transport, due to the special dimensions. Therefore additional measures have to be taken, such as permits, exemptions, (police)support and an alternative route.

Constant supervision

The transport was supervised during the entire project. Because of the size of this object, additional (police) support was obliged in Vienna and in particular parts of German. Moreover, the route was in advance carefully planned due to this special height. The total transport was 4.50 meters high. Given the fact that an average viaduct has a maximum height of 4.00 meters, an alternative route for this exceptional transport had to be found.

The biggest challenge in this situation was the short preparation time. Within one week, all authorizations, exemptions and (police) support had to be provided. After this, the exhaust silencer could safely be transported to Germany.

Besides exceptional transportation to and from Romania, Wim Bosman CEE also takes care of exceptional transport to and from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Particularly exceptional transport Wim Bosman CEE

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