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The Hungarian Tax and Customs Authority have introduced a new road transportation control system in Hungary. This is called the  Electronic Road Transportation Control System (EKAER). EKAER will help authorities to track and monitor shipments in Hungary. The purpose of the regulation is to curb chain VAT fraud.

All shipments transported on public roads will be required to apply for an EKAER number. To receive an EKAER number, the taxpayer (which may be the sender or the consignee depending on the type of transport), needs to complete all information relevant to the shipment online in the EKAER system. Once an EKAER number is granted, please be aware that it is unique to the shipment and valid for a period of 15 days.

Non-risky goods with a net value less than 5 million HUF (= approx € 16.000,-) and with an actual weight of less than 2.5 tonnes do not require an EKAER number. As your forwarder, Wim Bosman needs to be informed of the EKAER number for each shipment.

What does this mean for you?

- With the booking of a shipment from or to Hungary please mention the EKAER number. Contact your sender / receiver in Hungary for this number.
- Please also provide information of a contact person in Hungary with their name and correct email address.
- Indicate the EKAER number on the CMR or packing list. Please also mention if no EKAER number is necessary for this shipment.
- Customs Goods do not require an EKAER number.

Do you register your shipments via our E-Shipment system? Please mention the EKAER number in the "comments" section. Please also mention in the “comments” section if no EKAER number is necessary for this shipment.

What happens if no EKAER number is provided?

If the taxpayer fails to meet their obligation to apply for an EKAER number and/or to report the entire shipment, than the shipment or its undeclared part can be deemed as goods of unverified origin and will incur a default penalty rate of up to 40% of the shipments value. Alternatively the shipment could also be seized up to the amount of the default penalty due.

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