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Charging points for electric vehicles

From today Wim Bosman in ‘s-Heerenberg has two electric charging points for electric cars.

One charging point has the possibility to charge two electric cars. This means that four electric cars can be charged at the same time. With the purchase of electric charging points Wim Bosman stimulates driving (partly) electric cars. Leonie van Driel, Sustainability Manager: "Electric driving is the future. Therefore Wim Bosman also offers this environmentally friendly way of transportation".

Sustainable business cars

With the electric charging points Wim Bosman wants to give visitors and team members the possibility to drive electrically. As business car, Wim Bosman starts with the Opel Ampera - car of the year 2012. The Opel Ampera is able to drive about 80 kilometres without recharging the battery. Also at longer distances the Opel Ampera continues to drive electric. The electric motor is namely powered by a range-extender (= motor generator), which increases the action radius up to approximately 500 kilometres. This means that, even when using the range-extender, the Opel Ampera is electrically powered, so it is still driving efficiently.

"In addition to the extra service we offer to our customers with these charging points we also want to make our team members more aware of the possibilities of electric driving. Team members who drive a business car will be encouraged to drive electric", explains Bertil ter Maat, Managing Director Wim Bosman Transport B.V..

charging points electric cars

Usage of charging points in 's-Heerenberg (NL)

Visitors can use the electric charging points at Wim Bosman in 's-Heerenberg. For using the electric charging points, please report at the reception, Industriestraat 10.

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