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Vivabox connects the pleasure of giving and receiving Gifts

David Heylen
David Heylen

All around the world, the end of the year is the time to give each other gifts. This is when a great many organisations search for a gift that is suitable for everyone. That is a tough assignment, certainly for large organisations in which it is impossible to get to know the clients and/ or team members personally. Vivabox is a surprising gift. It offers the ideal combination of a gift voucher and a gift packaged in an attractive gift box. Vivaboxes are available in almost every shop in Belgium. Not (yet) in the Netherlands. This will change soon.

The vivabox best-seller is the selection of fi ve wines from around the world”, according to David Heylen, B2B-Manager of vivabox. The gift box contains five bottles of wine, a pouring spout and a booklet explaining the wines and a gift voucher that can be exchanged for your favourite bottle of wine. “That is the principle – you give something that the recipient will enjoy immediately and you are also able to make your own selection.”

Eighty gift boxes

vivabox - Eighty gift boxes

There are now no less than eighty gift boxes – from wellness to art, baking cookies for the dog and a day trip to the Efteling. But CDs, DVDs or a visit to the cinema or theatre are also options. Heylen: “The strength of vivabox is the ideal combination of a gift that still leaves you free to choose. Regardless of the contents of the box, it always contains a gadget to immediately create the atmosphere and background information. The boxes are a greater success than was expected. Team members respond positively and find it original. And that has a positive effect on the employers.”

Positive association

Actually, vivabox is not totally unknown in the Netherlands. The perfume box is on sale in the outlets of Ici Paris XL. “The box contains ten different test bottles of perfume that you can try at your leisure at home. All top brands. And here too, there is a booklet with background information and a voucher that can be exchanged for a large bottle of perfume. A popular gift with a very strong association. A client said recently: ”Every time I use my perfume I think about the giver.” This association with a positive moment is an ideal gift. Both for the giver and the receiver. And if clients want to give the vivabox a personal touch we offer personalised wrappers as an option.”

Logistics and warehousing were recently outsourced to Wim Bosman

Logistics and warehousing were recently outsourced to Wim Bosman. Vivabox is a seasonal product. “Wim Bosman helps us to deal with the peak and to ship thousands of packages when this is demanded by the market. Vivabox has a serial number that corresponds with the cheque numbers of the vouchers in the box. The complexity of this action was an important factor and the reason for the Sodexo Group to choose Wim Bosman, where the serial numbers are registered on-site at inbound. Another important factor was affordable pallet spaces and activity based costing. Furthermore, vivabox can count on efficient logistics, loading is professional, which means that there is less damage, and the goods can be delivered rapidly”, concludes Heylen.


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