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Danny Campion (right) Arjen Brokking
Danny Campion (right) Arjen Brokking is the largest online de-icing salt supplier in the Netherlands for private clients, companies and organisations. The initiative for the online webshop originated in the winter of 2009. The company now has 30 million kg of salt (to be spread on ice-covered roads) in stock.


Founder Danny Campion of, an Internet entrepreneur, explains: “The persistent frost and accompanying treacherous conditions caused a major shortage of salt. It was even difficult to order smaller quantities for our premises. It was no longer possible to keep the site ice free. This is when the idea for the webshop came about”.

Warehousing and distribution approached several logistics parties for the warehousing and distribution. Camion: “A good international party is crucially important for the success of Wim Bosman has a professional working attitude, is well organised and possesses business expertise. That certainly says something about the quality of the service. This image and working method were decisive factors in our decision to choose Wim Bosman. The feeling is also important. We currently have approximately 250 pallet spaces at Wim Bosman, and we expect this to increase to 400 pallet spaces within short notice”.

Logistics process

“Our rock salt has a maximum moisture percentage of 3% with a maximum grain size of 4 mm, which makes it easy to spread. The quality of the salt is checked by means of sampling. Orders are delivered within 3 days, free of charge. When he payment is received, the order data is forwarded to Wim Bosman through EDI. The shipment can then always be monitored by means of track & trace. On the website we show the routing of the entire company, and this gives clients a good impression of all of the actions taken when an order is placed. Transparency is important in order to increase reliability.”


German market


“We are the market leader in the Netherlands. Our goal is now to conquer the German market. From 1 October we have entered the German market with We will discuss the logistics challenge that accompanies this with Wim Bosman in the near future. In addition, we want to expand further in Europe next year. We are also working on a new product for the summer. This is still strictly confidential, but here is a little preview – you can also spread this product”, concludes Campion Founder Danny Campion (right) with his colleague Arjen Brokking: “In the season 2010-2011, 8.7 million kg of salt was delivered in 348,000 bags of 25 kg”.

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