Opslag en distributie rituals door Wim Bosman
Rituals vertrouwt op Wim Bosman

Rituals relies on Wim Bosman

Mark Hoppenbrouwers, Supply Chain Director of Rituals
Mark Hoppenbrouwers

The Rituals philosophy is as simple as it is powerful. “Enjoy the everyday moments in life,” according to Mark Hoppenbrouwers, Supply Chain Director at Rituals. “This is the basis upon which the number of body and home care products has grown over the years. Besides the well known fragrance sticks, Rituals offers a multitude of products, including gift sets with care products for him and her, eau de parfum, gemstone make-up, tea and home & yoga wear. Products that can be used on a daily basis are great as a gift for yourself and also as a surprise for someone else. Every outlet has its own sampling table where our beauty products can be sampled in peace. Our employees are trained at the Rituals Academy in order for them to be able to provide clients with personal advice.”



“Innovation is an important success factor for Rituals”, explains Hoppenbrouwers. “Rituals is constantly developing new products. A range that surprises. A new make-up line based on gemstones was launched recently. Technology is not the first priority when we develop a new product. We first look for an inspiring story. As regards the make-up, we went to China and ancient Egypt, where powdered gemstones have been used as beauty products for many centuries. Cleopatra was one of the first women to use them. We take a story like this and then build our product around it. This is how every product has its ritual.”  Rituals products are sold in the Rituals outlets, shop-in-shops in major department stores, in hotels and by various airlines. “We do not advertise, but we do distribute. You see Rituals everywhere and there is always an outlet nearby.”

Wim Bosman provides the storage and distribution for 65 Rituals outlets

Wim Bosman provides the transportation for the stocking of the 65 Rituals outlets in the Netherlands. “Wim Bosman was selected as logistics service provider in 2009 on the basis of price, capacity and competence. The combination of storage and distribution was also a reason to work together. Moreover, a number of Rituals products are categorised as dangerous goods, with specific requirements for storage and transport. Wim Bosman possess the required permits and implements the necessary measures.

The products are delivered from the warehouses in ’s-Heerenberg on the basis of the agreements made in consultation. For example, we find it important that the drivers ensure that the pallets of products are delivered at an agreed time in the morning, before it gets really busy in the outlets”, says Hoppenbrouwers. “Wim Bosman understands our wishes and instructions, and fulfils them. That is important, certainly when we deploy extra employees in order to process the items straight away. Drivers help to stack the pallets and unload the products so that they can take the pallets with them again immediately. That works very well. These may seem to be small things, but this approach does make the processing of the products in the outlets much easier.”

Large-scale campaign offers

Furthermore, Rituals needs a logistics service provider that has enough capacity to support the growth. Large orders must be picked when a new outlet is opened. “On a day like that you must be able to rely 100% on the truck with products arriving on that day, at that specific time. This also applies to the launching of new products, such as very recently in February during the launch of our home & yoga wear. That was an extremely successful large-scale campaign. Wim Bosman creates a separate street in the warehouse during a campaign period, so that all of the launch products are located next to each other. This increases the order picking capacity, with the result being that we can stock our outlets simultaneously during the launching of new products. A method of working that makes the difference between a mediocre and a good partner. We need a partner that is involved in the thought process, grows with us, and is reliable and flexible. A partner that can respond to periods of fluctuating volumes. The Christmas season is a good example of this type of period. During a recent meeting with franchisers it became apparent that we have had a flawless Christmas peak. That is a great compliment. Certainly when you consider that our outlets are mainly located in city centres where special logistics requirements and restrictions are in force, such as here on the Kalverstraat in the heart of Amsterdam.”


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