Oil & Vinegar is a specialist in olive oil and vinegar
Oil & Vinegar is specialist in olijfolie en azijn

Kevin Hellemons, Logistics & Customer Service manager

Kevin Hellemons, Logistics & Customer Service manager
Kevin Hellemons

Oil & Vinegar is a specialist in olive oil and vinegar. “The taste, aroma and colour of the pro-ducts must meet the standards that we set for Oil & Vinegar quality”, says Kevin Hellemons, Logistics & Customer Service manager. “We provide this quality throughout the world, even though we notice that there are country specific preferences for certain taste sensations. In Ame¬rica, consumers like a little more heat, while in the Nether lands the preference is for a some¬what milder taste. You must be well acquainted with the variation in quality and taste in order to be able to recognise the different types of oil. A purchasing team evaluates the oil on the basis of character at our suppliers – these can be small-scale farmers in Italy, Spain and Greece.” 


A good olive oil is comparable with a good wine. “Our purchasers can recognise the origin, the country or the region by taste. But they can also tell if fertiliser was added to the soil. All of these conditions are factors that have a strong effect on the taste”, explains Hellemons. “People are becoming more aware of what they eat, and olive oil is a healthy and therefore desired product. Consumers are becoming increasingly familiar with the different possibilities of oil the oil with which you can cook and the vierges that are a desired aperitif when combined with a little salt and tapenade.”
Besides the Oil & Vinegar food products, consumers can also purchase crockery and cooking utensils. “We see that cooking at home is popular. Our non-food products really add the finishing touch to a meal with a friend or a party at home.”

Worldwide transport

The national support team of Oil & Vinegar is located in Oosterhout, Brabant (NL). Goods are transported from this warehouse to destinations all over the world. “The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are our core market, and we provide extra service in this region in the form of marketing tools and IT. In the field of logistics, we offer customer service, for example postpaid deliveries to homes.” Products are delivered to countries such as the UK, Denmark, America and Brazil on the basis of Ex Works. “That means that the entrepreneur takes responsibility for the further transportation of the goods through the country. However, our department does deliver added value by offering advice on logistics issues. We are a franchise business, but we also have countries where we work with licenceholders. If an entrepreneur has expansion plans, we use market research to ascertain whether the plans are viable. If the results are positive, we support the expansion”, explains Hellemons.

Experienced no-nonsense partner

Oil & Vinegar started working with Wim Bosman as logistics service provider for Germany a year ago. “The reason was that we wanted to organise our transport differently. Germany is less economically sensitive, and we feel the effects of this. Growth is strong in the German market, we see good prospects for the future and we were looking for a partner that can handle the growth. We work with a relatively small team. A logistics service provider is an important extension for us that we must be able to trust absolutely and that offers us added value. We used our own values to search for a partner appropriate to our needs and invited several companies on the basis of this profile. Wim Bosman is an experienced no-nonsense partner and was, more¬over, interesting in terms of the cost aspect.” 

Fine-mesh distribution

Fine-mesh distribution

A logistics partner with experience in the retail trade is also important for Oil & Vinegar. “We deliver at shop level, and that requires fine-mesh distribution. Goods are delivered in city centres and shopping centres. Special transport is needed, and you must sometimes take account of specific permitted delivery periods. Our German entrepreneurs are critical, and ‘höfl ichkeit’ and ‘pünktlichkeit’ are very important in their culture, but we also want to see the quality of the Oil & Vinegar products reflected throughout the supply chain. Some of the Wim Bosman drivers speak  fluent German. Moreover, they work with partners in Germany in regions where our branches are located. Wim Bosman is our specialist in the field of road transportation specifically for Germany, and that is very satisfactory.” 

The complete story

The Oil & Vinegar range now consists of 900 products. There is growth not only in the expansion of the range, but the approach to consumers has also changed over the years. “The shop in Dortmund has a cooking studio where a chef works with our products every day. The Oil & Vinegar shop in Breda has its own cooking workshop. We are also working on tapas and oil tasting houses so that consumers can get to know the different flavours. Besides the food products, we are offering specific barbecue tools and recipes for the barbecue season. A specially designed crockery set in warm southern colours and other table accessories ensure that consumers can purchase everything they need for the complete tasty!  story from us. This is how we continue to meet current wishes and offer something for everybody”, concludes Hellemons.

About Oil & Vinegar

Oil & Vinegar was founded in 1999 and describes itself as a culinary gift shop with a Mediterranean atmosphere, with food and non-food products. Consumers can shop in one of the ninety franchised outlets around the world. These out¬lets are located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, America, Brazil, Canada and South Africa. The concept and store presentation are identical everywhere in the world. The presentation provides space for the optimised display of the yellow-gold colour, the spicy aroma and the variety of tastes of the olive oil and vinegars. The concept is based on the individual perception of the unique product. Underpinned by the philosophy that customers enjoy buying a custom-made gift at Oil & Vinegar, these products are poured especially for the customers from amphora or steel barrels. “Besides offering a high quality product we also offer background information and personal service, so that people leaving the shop with a surprising gift in an Oil & Vinegar bag are brimming with ideas”, according to Kevin Hellemons, Logistics & Customer Service manager Oil & Vinegar.

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