Kawasaki: "Not all about wheels"

Wim Bosman and the famous motorcycle maker have more in common than Kawasaki’s slogan "Let the good times roll". There’s more to both companies than just wheels. Wim Bosman has transported parts for the company for a long time, and SystemPlus has taken care of "problem consignments" since 2006. This completes the stock centralisation process – a major reorganisation that Kawasaki began in 2001.

Stock centralisation process

Back in 2006 Patrick Hovius and Eric van Eden were the two main logistics people at the European distribution centre in Vianen: "We were leaving those difficult items more and more to the various countries concerned, which meant that consignments often took two weeks to get there. Now Wim Bosmans SystemPlus covers everything perfectly."

The Vianen centre does not stock or distribute Kawasaki’s motorcycles. What it does stock, though, on its 14,000 m2 of floor space, is 70,000 parts – for jet skis, quads, mules (a light off-road transport vehicle) and motorcycles – as well as accessories and much more. Back in Japan, Kawasaki is a much bigger operation involved in industries like ship, train and bridge building.

"Handling stock has become much easier"

Even though the European distribution centre has been in Vianen for over thirty years, up until 2001 the eight largest countries in Europe still did their own stock management and arranged their own transport. Eric van Eden (no longer an employee at Kawasaki) explains: "Handling stock the way we do now makes it much easier to respond to actual market demand. There used to be bits and pieces everywhere, which was much less efficient. The marketing approach is also much more European now, and purchasing is more centralised for us too."


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