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A very specific, custom made approach is often required when supplying clothing stores. Secure deliveries and accurate information services are vital. 


In the past, the Wim Bosman Group has professionalised the brands' logistic operation further. This experience led to the company's decision in January 2011 to have the Wim Bosman Group supply all of her outlet stores in the UK.

In this new logistics concept the clothing is packed in plastic boxes - called 'totes' - and placed on pallets. These pallets are then delivered to the outlet stores. This approach offers many advantages for the customer, but also raises another question: "How to get the empty crates back?"

Reverse logistics

By designing the reverse logistics the right way, the Wim Bosman Group has proven to be a reliable partner. Therefore, the famous clothing brand decided to offer the Wim Bosman Group the assignment of supplying fifteen outlet stores throughout Western Europe.

Accurate and precise information services are very important in the fashion industry. The Wim Bosman Group offers her customers several solutions. Thanks to these solutions, this fashion-conscious customer can directly view its consigments, but also book easily online thanks to E-Shipment.

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