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A large construction company from the Netherlands had a serious problem. The negotiations in Istanbul, Turkey concerning an immense cosntruction project went extremely well, yet the deal threatened to turn over.

Valuable goods

A set of special papers was urgently needed. The transport of valuable goods is one of the services in which Mainfreight Urgent specializes. The document from the construction company was so valuable that they should not be overlooked. Moreover, they had to be handed over to the employees of the construction company as soon as possible.

Assured of attention

For competitors, this type of assignment is often traded via depots and the envelope with papers is absorbed by the masses. For a potential order of this size, this was not an option for the construction company. At Mainfreight Urgent & Special Services, the transport of such valuable goods is assured of the attention it deserves.

The courier of Mainfreight Urgent & Special Services picked up the papers in Utrecht and Rotterdam at the end of the afternoon, after which the On-Board Courier departed directly from Schiphol.

"Negotiations are more difficult"

After a short drive from Istanbul Ataturk Airport to the city centre of Istanbul and an identification check, the valuable documents were handed over to the construction company within a few hours.

The further negotiations went successfully thanks to the transport of the valuable goods. "Without the speed of Mainfreight Urgent, negotiations would have been a lot more difficult," the customer said.

Mainfreight Urgent takes care of both emergency jobs and special assignments. The department within the Mainfreight Group always has the right solution for you.

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