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Hans Kreunen, director Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. in Lochem (NL):

Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. develops and supplies sustainable and innovative plastic products. We use HOLLODEEN® and DURODEEN® plastics for products and applications for the construction and concrete sector, civil engineering, the frame construction industry, the food sector, mechanical engineering and the transport sector. Often as a sustainable replacement for wood, steel or rubber in those places where ageing, rotting or wear would otherwise quickly occur.

Hans Kreunen, director Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. in Lochem (NL)
Hans Kreunen, director Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. in Lochem (NL)

“Innovative thresholds pave the road to success”

The DTS bottom sill is a sill with unique properties: indestructible, stable, recyclable and it does not release harmful substances when incinerated. “For the fi rst few years the construction industry had to get used to the non-traditional plastic product. The requirements in the Building Decree in 1997 were an advantage for us in a certain sense because the construction sector was forced to comply with the new provision”, according to Hans Kreunen. The ease with which the sill can be used did the rest. ”The product was patented and has grown since 2000 to such an extent that we have now supplied more than one and a half million running metres in the Netherlands. Moreover, it was the right time. In 2004, 60,000 homes were being built every year. That was a large market. You can count two metres just for the front and back doors, and that times 60,000 is a big number.”

Transporting variable lengths

The DTS sill is the connection with Wim Bosman. Besides custom-made sills, there was also demand for sills with a length of six metres. These sills can be stored by the frame manufacturers, enabling them to respond rapidly to their customer's requirements. Kreunen was searching for a carrier that could distribute varying lengths throughout the Netherlands.

“Wim Bosman has such a distribution channel and meets the requirements that we stipulate for long cargoes. The frequency of the deliveries has increased significantly over the years. We use two plastics suppliers in order to guarantee production during emergencies. We also produce sills and dies at our head office, so that we can respond to specific requests in the case of emergencies or repair work. Furthermore, this keeps us in close contact with our product.”

Continuous coordination

“As regards logistics, we focussed on computerization from the start”, according to Robert Lemson, head of the Kreunen Kunststoffen business office. “In Lochem we do the sales and order administration. The orders are received here. We then work out the sketches, which vary from pencil drawings to CAD designs. This information is then sent digitally to one of the producers, who details the assignment. We receive a confirmation as soon as the actual order is transported. We work with two variants - in one case the producer forwards the information directly to Wim Bosman, where the information is processed. Wim Bosman supplies us with the required information and sends us a copy. The other producer works with E-shipment, a web variant in which the supplier enters the actual package sizes and exact quantities on-line on the basis of the order that we prepare. We have implemented and coordinated this process at the producers in collaboration with Wim Bosman. The shipments can be followed with Tracking & Tracing, a system that has been further developed and fine-tuned over the years.”

Lean and green

“Nick Verweij is our contact person at Wim Bosman from the start. He is very familiar with our products and knows our customers. He also knows what specific situations we may experience with our customers. A new development is currently taking place - lean and green. We have responded to this by implementing lean production. A customer also asked us whether it was possible to unload packages in sequence. We are studying the degree to which we can meet this wish. Custom work is a feature of our company, but we will not become box pushers!” says Lemson. “The many years of cooperation with Wim Bosman have ensured that we are excellently coordinated and able to handle changes as effectively and effi ciently as possible. We are also implementing lean operation with producers.

How will we streamline this? That is the challenge!” At Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. there is a researcher who participates in national platforms and studies innovative developments that respond to market requirements on a daily basis. “We are a company that has innovation as a high priority. And we are quite proud of the fact that our innovative and sustainable products have contributed to modernisation and improvement in the construction sector. Responding to the market, product development and looking ahead, these are the strengths of our company”, Kreunen concludes

History of Kreunen Kunstoffen

Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. in Lochem
History of Kreunen Kunstoffen

In 1925, Hans Kreunen's grandfather established a construction company. His father started a carpentry factory in 1972. "In 1987, we acquired a plastics processing company", according to Hans Kreunen, third generation and current director of Kreunen Kunststoffen B.V. in Lochem. "At that time we produced semi-fi nished products for the stone, ceramics and concrete industry. We supplied to steel construction companies, the building industry and the transport sector. Not bulk, but specifi c products." Ten years after the acquisition, in 1997, a new clause was added to the Building Decree; wheelchair accessibility in buildings had to be improved. For Kreunen Kunststoffen this prompted the development of a plastic sill, suitable as a wheelchair-friendly barrier with a maximum height of two centimetres, in accordance with the clause in the Building Decree. The knowledge and experience in the construction sector and carpentry industry combined with the know-how on plastics became the basis for what was a revolutionary sill at that time. Before the sill was created, Kreunen had already been producing ramps for Leopard tanks. "This is why we knew that the material was indestructible. The sill withstands "the test with a muddy shoe sole" effortlessly. An entire shoe can be dragged over it at least 30,000 times without the sill showing any visible signs of wear. So it is wearresistant! Innovative and customer-specifi care still the points of departure for the development of new products, such as the sill for the renovation market", according to Kreunen.

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