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Freek Balkema en Hans Stapel
Freek Balkema en Hans Stapel

150,000 packages, three million products, more than six million Euros of retail value and 2142 pallets. The company Coop enjoys a challenge. This year, Coop Supermarkets will celebrate its 120th anniversary. It wants to let the entire Netherlands know that it is celebrating its birthday with a groceries package campaign. “For us, clients are the most important factor in the organisation. This is why giving a gift to our clients, who have ensured that we have existed for 120 years, speaks for itself”, according to Hans Stapel at the Coop Communication and Promotion department. Wim Bosman Co-Packing is an important link in the groceries packages logistics chain.

Logistics expertise - Wim Bosman Co-Packing

“A campaign like this is extremely complex,” says assistant logistics manager Freek Balkema. “The scale of this project is also new for us. For this challenge we searched for a party that possessed the right capacities to complete this major project. Reliability, logistics expertise, quality and capacity are key words here. The right mix at Wim Bosman Co-Packing was the deciding factor for the choice. The fact that we had had Wim Bosman Co-Packing carry out an assignment in the past meant that we were already familiar with this partner.” A successful kick-off for the campaign was crucially important. “

The first distribution of the packages to the shops went without a hitch. More than 100,000 packages have now been distributed. This distribution takes place directly from ’s-Heerenberg (NL). The fact that the packages do not need to be stored elsewhere first is a great advantage, and the logistics expertise possessed by Wim Bosman Co-Packing has allowed the project to progress to our complete satisfaction.

Logistics expertise - Wim Bosman Co-Packing
Wim Bosman Co-Packing

Cooperative basis

Coop Supermarkets is a unique and ambitious organization in the supermarket sector. Unique due to the cooperative basis – intensive cooperation between the organisation and its members. Ambitious in the provision of optimum service provision for the members of the cooperative, which consists of both entrepreneurs and consumers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR is at the core of every action taken by the Coop Supermarket. “We want to be socially responsible, and that is expressed in several aspects: the boxes in the groceries package campaign are FSC certified, all shops use green electricity, various shops are fitted with solar panels on the roof and we organise an annual deposit money donation campaigns with our clients for a good cause. Those campaigns involves clients donating bottle deposit money. The Coop then doubles the total amount. This year, € 42,000 was donated to UNICEF. We also always consider sustainability in the choice of our range. This is how we like to distinguish ourselves from our competitors.” concludes Hans Stapel.

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