Chemical warehousing
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Chemical warehousing

Warehousing of dangerous / hazardous goods (ADR) is done according the PGS 15 (CPR 15-2) guidelines. In 's-Heerenberg as well as Geleen, we offer chemical warehousing solutions.

Chemical warehousing in 's-Heerenberg

The warehousing of environmentally dangerous goods in 's-Heerenberg takes place in our chemical warehouse. By separating compartments, it is possible to store goods from several ADR classifications in one warehouse.

Concrete walls, water tight floors, fire proof doors, smoke detectors and qualified personnel guarantee an ideal safety for product, man and the environment. The total warehousing capacity of our chemical warehousing facility in 's-Heerenberg exceeds 7.000 square metres.

Combined with a 10 metre height, we can offer capacity for over 10.000 pallets. This capacity is available for several types of dangerous goods, such as spray cans, aggressive cleaning liquids, industrial inks and/or paint.

Precautions chemical warehouse

Warehousing according PGS (CPR 15) in Born

Mainfreight Logistic Services Born is located less than 12 km from the Chemelot site in Born. Since 2002 Mainfreight is the logistics specialist for the Chemelot site. From this site Mainfreight carries out logistical activities for companies such as DSM and SABIC.

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