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Transport is the core of our company. Mainfreight therefore has an extensive own transport fleet.


Our trucks are daily on their way to deliver your goods across Europe and beyond in time and without damage.

Our fleet enables us to offer our European Distribution services in Europe.
Please click on European Distribution if your are interested in our services for the pick-up and delivery of your goods across Europe.

Please read below about our transport fleet.

Characteristics of our drivers

Our drivers are professionals, customer orientated and well trained, including the handling of dangerous goods.

Characteristics of our transport fleet

  • Our fleet consists of vans, prime mover and draw bar combinations, tractor and trailer combination, mega trailers, taut liners, box trailers, double deck trailers, curtain sliders, swan neck trailers, container trailers (20, 40 en 45 ft), temperature controlled trailers and 25 metre "Eco combinations". A part of our fleet is also fitted with roller bed floors for easy loading / unloading and double decks for optimal loading capacity.
  • Our fleet is fitted with EURO 5 en EEV (Environmentally Enhanced Vehicle) engines for low emission special for inner city distribution
  • Our domestic trucks are all fitted with tail lift. The curtain slider trailers can be loaded from the side and from the top
  • Our fleet is equipped to handle and transport dangerous goods
  • Our fleet is fitted with state of the art board computers for real time Tracking & Tracing, navigation and 24/7 GPS-monitoring
  • For high value transports we have special trucks with extra security and monitoring to ensure a save trip

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Mainfreight offers its services in several European countries.
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