Barcode scanner


Barcodes prevent delays due to wrong labels. To improve the Track & Trace and to check the goods within our warehouses, it is essential that your goods are equipped with barcodes before loading them.

Simple barcoding

The simplest way to accomplish barcoding is to start using E-Shipment. If you are not able to use E-Shipment, it is also possible to receive pre printed barcode labels.

Barcodes with E-Shipment

Thanks to E-Shipment it is possible to book your shipments and automatically create barcode labels. Did you know E-Shipment is free of charge?

For customers booking less than five shipments per week, Mainfreight offers E-Shipment Lite, a simplified version. This way you have to undertake less actions to quickly book your shipments. 

Barcodes are essential

The following reasons make barcoding essential:

  • Prevent delays and problems due to wrong labels
  • Improving Track & Trace by scanning the entire process
  • To improve quality of the shipments

Clear labels and electronic booking makes sure that your shipments are always correct. This allows us to take quality to the next level. 


Pre printed barcode labels

If you would like to use our pre printed barcode labels with address information, you can use our template. You can find it on the right side of this page in the section 'Related articles'.

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